Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Holding the Flute in Balance

Recently I ran across something talking about "the Rockstro Grip." I had never heard of it, so went digging around on the web. The result of my research is this excellent article.  Go ahead, read it, or at least skim down it, save the link and come back to read it thoroughly later.

It has changed my position! There isn't really anything in this article that my teacher hasn't told me before. But it's all together in one place, and maybe I have come to a point in my development as a flutist to apply it.

I started playing flute with tendinitis, or maybe arthritis, in both thumbs. My hands would often ache, and that had nothing to do with playing the flute. So I have struggled because it seems my hands just don't go the way they should. 

But today they did. My balance was lovely, my tone was awesome, and I felt a freedom in finger movement that I have never had before. Wow.

Now, go check out "the Rockstro Grip," revolutionize your performance!

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