Wednesday, May 1, 2013

About Knees and Shoulders

Who knew that having a partial knee replacement would improve my flute playing? I certainly didn't! For the last 4 years I have had a steadily deteriorating knee due to osteoarthritis. It's not been a big deal until about 6 months ago when it began to catch, lock, and cause sudden bursts of pain. 

Long story short, I eventually found myself in the hands of an excellent surgeon who introduced me to MakoPlasty Partial Knee Replacement...totally awesome. But I get ahead of myself.....

About 9 months ago I noticed I was having more trouble holding up my flute. My shoulders would collapse, my chest would cave in and my right arm would drop. We all KNOW that posture is key to performance/tone/technique. I have always had a weakness in my upper back and shoulders. Until I discovered the world of fitness at the age of 48, I was not able to hold my shoulders back for more than a few seconds at a time. 

In the process of becoming a fitness instructor, I engaged a personal trainer to help me to develop my upper body strength. The process of weight training for strength improved my posture, and ended the pain in my wrists which had developed because of lack of muscle tone of the biceps and triceps. 

Two days ago I made a discovery which is best explained on Day 8 of my other blog, Partial Knee Replacement: My Experience.  

Here is the essence: now that my knee has been repaired, and I am able to stand balanced on both feet, my shoulders no longer droop or become fatigued in a few moments!! Holding up my right arm is suddenly easy. 

Who knew?

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