Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Fantastic Discoveries

I love the process of rediscovery...the times when you make a discovery and it feels fresh and new, but you know that it is something you knew before.

Today's discovery is about standing when practicing. I have always disliked having to standup when I play. And as my knee deteriorated, I found I would get too fatigued to stand and practice, so more, and more I reverted to sitting, and only stood to play when performing or at a lesson.  I liked the excuse, and didn't notice that it made much difference. Yeah, sure.

Today was the second time I tried to practice following my partial knee replacement (you can see all about that on my other blog: Partial Knee Replacement: My Experience . I started to practice, with two chairs, one facing me so I could keep my feet up. But that got a little uncomfortable, so I got up on my feet...Wow!! WHAT WAS THAT!?!

My tone changed 100%! It was incredible! Who knew? Well..I guess lots of people know. But after not being able to stand firmly for months, I am seeing months of effort/practice show up all at once!! 

For more information on proper posture, check out my post labeled "Stance"

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